Kofler - Dichtungen

Fascinated by pneumatics and hydraulics, Gernot Kofler founded Kofler-Dichtungen in 1988 with the aim of producing the best seals for Tyrolean industrial and construction companies as well as for mechanical engineering businesses.
His passion for the "small parts with a big effect" was so great that the seals he produced met with an enthusiastic market response. Within a short time, the name Kofler - Dichtungen became a byword in Tyrol and it was not long before it crossed the borders too.
Today Kofler-Dichtungen supplies quality products to businesses around the world, ranging from small companies to large corporate groups. A pleasing fact is that some have remained loyal customers since the company was founded back in 1988.


"Competence is the reward for painstaking work and the courage to face any challenge."


Many years of experience, an expertly trained workforce and a well-stocked raw material warehouse enable fast production of both standard seals and special seals with an unusual geometry.


Complex assignments can only be mastered in a team and on a peer-to-peer basis.

Originally focusing on solving problematic cases, over the years Kofler-Dichtungen has evolved to become a reliable partner in the sealing sector. From the supply of finished goods and the production of standard profiles and gaskets through to the development of high-tech seals for the very highest demands, virtually all customer requirements are met.

In addition to its comprehensive stocks of high-quality standard seals, Kofler-Dichtungen also produces high-tech seals to satisfy the very highest demands. The CNC-manufactured seals include products with the very latest geometries as well as seals made of extremely high-tech materials such as: Polyurethane, NBR, Viton, EPDM, silicone, PTFE (virgin and filled), high-temperature NBR, low-temperature PU, Viton, PU and EPDM with FDA certification etc. (Special materials such as Kalrez, PEEK, Aflas etc. are available upon request!)