Each time Kofler-Dichtungen starts production the aim is to achieve the longest possible service life for each seal. Our credo is: effective planning means good products. We know that the way to guarantee a long service life is to make sure that every customer gets the right seal. After exact analysis, the raw material or semi-finished product is selected. To maintain a high level of quality from the outset, we procure all these from long-standing Austrian suppliers. In spite of these preliminary precautions, our quality control department still carries out a stringent incoming goods inspection.

The selected semi-finished product is then processed by professionally trained CNC experts and then subject to further exact quality control after completion. When the seal has been approved, it is carefully packed and precisely labelled and sent on its way to our customers. If necessary, dispatched within 24 hours with our speedy service.

But our quality concept does not stop here. If the same seal is frequently re-ordered, our experts regard this as a reason to find out why the same product is ordered so often. It has often been the case that maintenance intervals could be extended considerably by working with our customers to develop a special seal for their particular application.

Our customers are inspired by our own high quality standards and this accordingly pays off. For example, customers already replace the standard seals that come with new machines with Kofler seals, in order to extend maintenance intervals and prolong the life of the machine.